Playing with Light

4 Paws and a Pair of Sneakers

So, the past week or so I have been playing with both high key and low key lighting.  High key, just because I love it.  Low key, because I want to really understand it and use it as yet another tool!  So, over the past few days, with Gromit as my model, here are a few images that I have come up with.  Now, mind you, I cannot do this with just any dog.  Gromit is a trained professional, or so he thinks.  He is very patient and has been brought up with the camera in his face and he is very good at modeling and holding poses when I ask him to and he is pretty good at using and/or wearing proms.

Here is the set-up.  Black background paper by Savage, a single light with a beauty dish on a stand almost dead center.  My camera set up, 5d…

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