Winter Evenings in Killiney

Wow, some really amazing shots here!



This is what I’m fortunate to see each evening when I come home. All along the Dublin (make that Irish) coastline, these kinds of sights can be found and enjoyed. Not too long ago I decided it was high time to go out with the camera and try to make some pictures! I decided this late enough in the afternoon that I had to hurry a bit to be set up to make sure I caught the right light. It ended up perfect. I set up my tripod on the rocks right at high tide when the surf is roughest against the coast. This coincided with the perfect evening light…

I whipped out my filters and started shooting! I needed two filters for these long exposures (long-ish exposures, I suppose): firstly, my neutral density filter. Neutral density (ND) filters are essentially a pair of sunglasses for your camera — they…

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